[Marxism] Are we facing the mother of all bubbles?

nada dwaltersMIA at gmail.com
Thu Mar 5 14:36:19 MST 2009

Well, that's a twist I hadn't thought about "military backed currency". 
I'm not sure 'value' is established that way. However, clearly the value 
has gone up in recent months, *especially* against weaker currencies 
like the Mexican peso, which has dropped about 30% against the USD. 
Still...aircraft carries do not a currency makes, me thinks.

The only think that keeps the USD going big time is petroleum and that 
countries like the PRC and the Saudis keep buying it up (the dollar that 
is) to prop it up. At this point, if the USD to a bbl of oil declines, 
the dollar with tumble quite rapidly and, if other currencies don't fall 
AS rapidly, we may actually see that Euro based oil mercantile exchange 
in Terhan (now "filled" with bored traders standing around not looking 
at each other) and Chavez's rather flaccid threat to accept Euros for 
his country's oil, get some real traction. Then it's "good-by dollar" 
because then there is NOTHING standing behind it, certainly no 
manufacturing or gold. Or oil. BTW...have you'all seen the price of gold 

Yours for doom and gloom,


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