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> JB: "Carlos Lage and Felipe Pérez Roque have letters published in today's Granma (at least the online edition) assuming responsibility for mistakes"
> I actually didn't see it in the online edition, although I had it emailed to me from some anti-Cuban group on whose listserve I have inexplicably found myself on (and hence had no particular confidence that it wasn't a hoax, whatever the official look of the thing). However at looking at the Granma Diario website (http://www.granma.cubaweb.cu/) I notice that there is now a link I've never noticed before (so I don't know if it's been there for ages or just appeared recently) for the "Edición impresa" which takes you to this page:
> http://www.granma.cubaweb.cu/pdf/index.html

Cuba ex-ministers 'admit errors'


Raul Castro, the Cuban president, has carried out
a major government reshuffle [AFP]

Two of Cuba's most prominent politicians have resigned from their
Communist party and government posts after they were sacked from the
cabinet, according to letters published by the Cuban media.

Carlos Lage and Felipe Perez Roque were apparently accused by Fidel
Castro, the former president, of being seduced by the "honey of power"
after they were sacked as part of a government reshuffle.

 Lage, a former cabinet chief, said: "I recognise the errors committed
and I assume the responsibility. I consider that the analysis made in
the past meeting with the political bureau [of the party] was just and

Lage said in his letter, which was dated as being written on Tuesday,
that he would also leave his more important post of vice-president on
the Council of State, Cuba's top policy body.

He also resigned from the Communist party's central committee and
political bureau, effectively removing himself from political life in

Perez Roque, the former foreign minister, said he would also quit the
Council of State, the National Assembly and the party central

"I fully recognise that I committed errors that were broadly analysed
in a meeting [with the political bureau]. I assume my full
responsibility for them," he said in the letter, also dated on

Major reshuffle

At least 20 officials were moved, demoted or promoted by Raul Castro,
the Cuban president, on Monday, in a move the government said was
intended to make Cuba's government more compact and functional and to
work towards "perfecting" the Cuban system.
In an apparent reference to Perez Roque and Lage, Fidel Castro said in
an article on a government website on Tuesday the two had developed
ambitions that led them to "an undignified role".

Castro, who resigned the Cuban presidency last year due to ill health,
also said the men were removed as "the external enemy filled itself
with expectations for them," although it was not clear who this
referred to.

Perez Roque, who had been Havana's chief diplomat since May 1999, was
replaced by Bruno Rodriguez, his deputy.

And Lage was replaced as cabinet secretary by General Jose Amado
Ricardo Guerra, a former top military official.

Lage had been credited with helping to save Cuba's economy by
implementing economic reforms after aid from the Soviet Union ended in
the early 1990s, while Perez Roque was once personal secretary to
Fidel and a former leader of the Communist party's youth organisation.

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