[Marxism] Will socialists support socialists in Queensland state election?

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Thu Mar 5 22:29:02 MST 2009

Anna Bligh's ALP government in Queensland Australia, goes to the polls
on March 21st. The Socialist Alliance has endorsed two candidates.

SAM WATSON: One of the most prominent indigenous campaigners in
Brisbane, longtime social justice activist.  He will contest
Queensland Premier Anna Blighs seat of South Brisbane.

MIKE CROOK: ALP member for 20 years who before joining the SA last
year was a Your Rights At Work activist and campaigner for on the job
workers health and safety.  Crook is standing for the seat of

Both candidates are socialists. Both stand on the same platform.

But what will be the response by the rest of the far left ? Will they,
as they have chosen to do in the past, endorse the Greens
unconditionally  and totally  ignore the existence of these Socialist
Alliance candidates? Will they instead of backing Sam and Mike,
preference the Greens in Queensland  -- one of the most conservative
Greens branches in the country?

We can but ask....

dave riley

Campaign info: http://www.socialist-alliance.org/queensland

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