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Ian Pace wrote:

 Though I do have doubts about the idea that a recording is at best a reproduction of a live performance, rather than something in its own right. In a time when bands and many other musicians make recordings first, then go on tour on the back of those (rather than the other way round, as in former times), I do think this model needs rethinking. Not least also because of the musical possibilities (especially involving electronics) available uniquely in the studio.


Well yes.  Some audiophiles say live performance is really an excuse to socialize and when they want to do serious listening they fire up the amp. 
I think what is really interesting in terms of music, recording and the internet is the possibility for direct marketing by musicians. It's now possible to have your own hi tech recording studio. 

And many musicians are doing a hybrid approach. They are also working with a multitude of mom and pop vinyl production companies which have sprung up.  So you can buy a vinyl record, which seals in the profit for the musician, and inside you will find website directions for a free mp3 download, so the music can spread and attract new buyers. 

You also see this trend emerging among stereo production companies. There's an interesting co. called Cullen which has made hi fi components for major manufacturers over the years.  When the latter went offshore they started their own direct marketing strategy and began working for themselves.  They employ Bang and Olufsen's ICE technology and sell high quality components at about 50% of the cost of similar products on the market.  

Greg McD
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