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> Yeah, well, 8 years ago I heard the same thing about Michael Hardt who
> even got the opportunity to talk about revolution on the Charlie Rose
> show. A lot of fucking good that did.

Some people argue that Hardt has had a concrete, lasting positive influence:


A Multitude of Possibilities: Hardt & Negri’s strategic vision
Nick Southall
U of Wales

"Soon after Empire was published, the 'anti-globalisation movement' demonstrated
activities and forms of organisation that not only corresponded to,
but helped explain,
what Negri and Hardt had been outlining in conceptual terms. This "global self
organisation from below" was "not the brainchild of some
organisational genius but
rather the work of many hands responding to the new situation"
(Brecher, Costello &
Smith: 2000: 87). This ‘movement of movements’ was seen by Hardt and
Negri as the
embryo of a positive alternative society based on the constitution of
"a bio-political
unity managed by the multitude, organised by the multitude, directed
by the multitude
- absolute democracy in action" (Negri & Hardt: 2000: 409).

"As neo-liberalism seeks to expand capitalist commodification to every
aspect of the
biosphere, a common feature of much of the 'anti-globalisation' movement was a
defence of 'the commons', public space, land, air, water, flora,
fauna, bodies and
genetic material. Another common feature was a renewed awareness by
many of those
participating of the importance of peace, global interconnectedness
and 'grassroots'
democracy. As corporate and state processes and practices continually
expose the lack
of input people have into the decisions that affect their lives, there
is a growing
common awareness amongst the multitude of the need for the
redistribution of power
and a widespread recognition of the failure of traditional forms of
organisation to
challenge the logic of capital.

"Social democratic institutions appear increasingly
unable to offer solutions to the major problems created by decades of
reform. "Many citizens’ movements have tried to reverse conservative
trends over the
last decade by electing liberal, labor or democratic-socialist
governments, only to find
that policy remains unchanged or caters even more directly to the
whims of global
corporations." (Klein: 2001: 341) This leads some people to call for greater
representation in the decision making process of global institutions
and others to try
and 'shut them down'. Negri and Hardt argue that "the multitude defies
because it is a multiplicity, unbounded and immeasurable". It cannot
be represented as
it is an "active self-organising agent" (Hardt & Negri: 2003). The growth of
participatory democracy within many social movements enabled the 'anti-
globalisation' movement to rely on people's self-organisation."

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