[Marxism] Will socialists support socialists in Queensland state election?

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Sun Mar 8 06:40:45 MDT 2009

Letter to the editor: Socialist Alternative

 Just so that Socialist Alternative can go on the record: Will
socialists support socialists in the Queensland state election on
March 21st?

 The Socialist Alliance is fielding two candidates: leading Murri
activist Sam Watson in South Brisbane and Mike Crook in Sandgate.

At this election will  Socialist Alternative  be calling for a Ist
preference vote for the Socialist Alliance?

If you preference the Greens ahead of any one else can you please
explain your rationale? If you ignore the Alliance, as has been your
habit in the past, can you explain why you have chosen to do so on
this occasion ? If you call for a vote for the Greens  ahead of an
activist like  Sam Watson in South Brisbane  can you explain your

Dave Riley

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