[Marxism] Moderator's note

Mark Lause markalause at gmail.com
Sun Mar 8 17:00:20 MDT 2009

I told Ruthless publicly and privately that he seems to "talk" to hear
his head rattle.  He's been perfectly capable of picking fights over
whether the important part of "surplus value" is that it is "value"
rather than "surplus" (or that it is a "surplus" rather than a
"value").  Then, too, he's adopted that moniker so as to permit
himself him to ruthless criticize today the position he took
yesterday.  He's certainly not the only one, but I'm not surprised
that other serious political people find that as annoying and
pointless as I did.

On one level, this is where "the marketplace of ideas" works, thanks
to the delete key. Shortly before his being bounced last time, I just
stopped bothering trying to reply to him.   I don't think I actually
read more than a few initial words from anything he's posted since his
return, but it seemed as though his quest for attention led him to
escalating how provocative he decided to get.

Still, I'd bet he'll rejoin the list down the line.  He could do so
today with a different handle and email address.  It's happened before
and it will happen again.


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