[Marxism] Veteran Trotskyist Dies

David Walsh davidrail68 at yahoo.com
Mon Mar 9 17:04:32 MDT 2009

Dear friends and comrades:

We just learned from Henry Brandon that Jan Snipper died on Friday, March 6. She
had breast cancer, and was operated on last year, but it spread to her liver.
Henry was Jan's companion.

Jan was a member of the SWP and later of Socialist Action. Over the past many
years she was not a member of any political organization, but she worked with
all the various groups that originated in the SWP. She married into the Snipper
family -- a family whose elders (Mitt and Annie Snipper, and David and Alice
Snipper), all now long gone, were founding members of the SWP in Los Angeles.
Years ago Jan broke up with David Snipper, the son of Henry and Alice, with whom
she adopted her son, Matt.

Jan was an activist in the antiwar movement, the pro-choice movement, CLUW, and
the Labor Party. She was a tireless activist, a true builder of united front,
mass-action coalitions. In the late 1990s, she was also very active in the Labor
Party. I was fortunate to work closely with her during this period.

Jan was a longtime reader and supporter of The Organizer newspaper. Just this
past week, in fact, we received her sub renewal to The Organizer, along with a
$50 check toward our 2009 Fund Drive along with a kind note wishing us well for
the new year and looking forward to reading T.O. in its new monthly format. It
was therefore quite a shock to learn from Henry that Jan had passed away.

Jan will be sorely missed.

David mentioned that a memorial meeting is being planned in the coming weeks --
most likely in the form of a memorial picnic in an Oakland or Berkeley public
park. We have no details yet, but we'll keep you posted.


Alan B.


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