[Marxism] Gaza brutality opening up debate on US blank check support to Israel

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Tue Mar 10 07:13:28 MDT 2009

A growing section of the US ruling class - Mearshimer and  Walt, Jimmy 
Carter, CBS' 60 Minutes, the NY Times - has realized  that decades of uncritical 
political, economic and military support to  Israel has created a Frankenstein 
monster vis a vis the Arab and Muslim world.  The debate is finally happening, 
which opens up all kinds of possibilities for  our side to talk about all the 
aspects of this issue that the US policy-makers  don't want to discuss.
"Charles Freeman, Roger Cohen and the changing Israel debate"
The  right-wing, Israel-centric stranglehold over our political debates is 
clearly  eroding.
Glenn Greenwald

(http://www.salon.com/opinion/greenwald/2009/03/09/freeman/index.html) > 
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