[Marxism] 45 percent of world's wealth destroyed: Blackstone CEO

Joaquin Bustelo jbustelo at gmail.com
Wed Mar 11 17:30:42 MDT 2009

We are referred to the following article: 

"NEW YORK (Reuters) - Private equity company Blackstone Group LP (BX.N) CEO
Stephen Schwarzman said on Tuesday that up to 45 percent of the world's
wealth has been destroyed by the global credit crisis.

"'Between 40 and 45 percent of the world's wealth has been destroyed in
little less than a year and a half,' Schwarzman told an audience at the
Japan Society. 'This is absolutely unprecedented in our lifetime.' 

Back when Jerry Ford was president, there was a Herblock (I think!) cartoon,
that had various people coming into the oval office with the caption "Send
in the Clowns" and the label, economic advisers.

This article reminded me of that cartoon.

NO percent of the world's wealth has been destroyed by the current "crisis."

Hundreds of oil wells did not disappear not were thousands of factories
devastated by saturation bombing.

The ONLY thing that has been affected is the capacity of capitalists to set
productive resources into motion in such a way as to give them average or
greater profits. But even more: the only thing that has been affected is the
confidence of the capitalists that they can set productive resources into
motion in the economy in such a way as to give them average or better

And this tells us just what fucked up motherfuckers these capitalist pigs
are. There's no way half the wealth disappeared without a very large
percentage of the population disappearing with it. NORMALLY, those doing the
disappearing would be the poorest of the poor. 

BUT JUST KNOW, because capitalism is having carnal knowledge of itself
through its rectum so far that its dick is coming out of its throat, it is
Msr. Schwarzman's capacity to command the world's economic resources that
has been diminished. But just because they have disappeared from Herr
Scwarzmnan's control does not mean economic resources have disappeared. 


What the world is telling us is that the productive capacity of economic
activity has now outstripped the capacity of current society to organize it.
Current capitalist/imperialist society. 

Ain't no factories, no workers, no trucks, no mines, no airplanes or trains
nor Internet OC-43 switched data network paths been destroyed, the ONLY
thing that is missing is the ability of the capitalists to imagine they can
make a killing from it. Not even the reality, because in Reality, for
example, the AOL-Time Warner merger of dot-com bubble fame lost investors
about 90% of their capital over ten years, which didn't stop even
multi-billionaires like Ted Turner from placing all their chips on that bet.
It is ALL, entirely and exclusively, in the heads of filthy reach people,
their bankers and advisors.

Which immediately suggests two options:

ONE: send squads out to capture all the said rich, "sacrifice" them
("humanely," of course, at least as humanely as they treat pigs and cattle
in their factory slaughter houses), eat them and then take note that the
rich have no heirs (for any heirs would also have been ground into meat
sauce for the spaghetti), making their properties those of society as a

TWO: Become a vicious communist bastard and expropriate the motherfuckers,
so they can whine for the next fifty or seventy years about the unfairness
of it all.

Now, normally, I'd say number two, I'm not for killing rich people, well, at
least not every last one, if by "every last one" you also mean newborn
babies, but then again I hate whining. 

And you have to think of its psychological effect of all that whining on
future generations. 

HOWEVER, I would insist that all the graves and hamburgers resulting from
option one AT LEAST be sprinkled with holy water -- from Lourdes if at all
possible, from the men's toilet at Grand Central Station in New York if not,
mixed in with his holiness the Pope's vital bodily fluids in the latter
case, of course.

There are some things too important NOT to share.


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