[Marxism] Betancourt's halo [SIC] under spotlight

Joaquin Bustelo jbustelo at gmail.com
Wed Mar 11 18:10:35 MDT 2009

nchamah miller "Recall that both women were released the same day although
the press
completely has disregarded Rojas.   Perhaps this is due to the fact
that Rojas had a son with a guerrillero and has a different account of her

I think 


Comrades in posession of substances that allow them to say 

that the FARC's voluntary release of Rojas on Jan. 10, 2008, 

was done on the same day as the FARC was hoodwinked into releasing Ingrid
Betancourt July 2, 2008, 


Under the well-known Don Barzini derivative of the Corleone theorem.

Obviously, these materials are much more potent than anything generally
available in the imperialist countries.

In addition, I must solidarize with Miller's denunciation: "Once captured
Ingrid, her crew and posse continued her presidential campaign and worked to
have her name remain on the ballot, but in order to do so they used Clara
Rojas' name who they entered as running mate.  This was an astute move on
the part of Betancourt because Clara Rojas comes from a family of homestead
holders who had moved to the city on account of the violence and assured
coverage among members of the liberal party who were disaffected with the
lack of action by the Government to get political prisoners of the
insurgency liberated."

I say right on to comrade-brother Miller. After all, who gave these c**ts
the right to run for office. Next thing you know, they'll be showing up to

AND ...

Without the approval of dear great respected and beloved leader, 

Comrades what's-his-name, 

it'll come to me in a minute.

And I agree COMPLETELY, getting thousands upon thousands of Colombian
workers, peasants and youth (male ones, of course, c**ts like Betancourt and
Rojas don't count, except for breeding) means no one has the moral right to
criticize these assholes, I mean comrades.


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