[Marxism] The Struggle for a Petty-Bourgeois Orientation [was: RE: The Leninist Party: an annotated bibliography]

Mark Lause markalause at gmail.com
Wed Mar 11 20:39:14 MDT 2009

The equation of the working class in the US with whites is simply
silly.  I think the term includes the very elements that Joaquin and
most of us would readily recognize as vanguard forces who are not

So also, I don't think the working class has lost anything in recent
years that it actually ever really had...in terms of class
consciousness, capacity for independent organization, etc.

Finally, the static nature of this critique leaves much to be desired.

Oh, and one more point, many of the problems of this entire discussion
over Leninism, Zinovievism, Cannonism, etc. are ultimately problems
with labels.  As in broader political discussions, everyone things
they know what they mean by these terms, but it never quire conveys
that same meaning to those they're addressing.  I'd love to see us try
the experiment of not using words burdened by such confusions...


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