[Marxism] The Struggle for a Petty-Bourgeois Orientation [was: RE: The Leninist Party: an annotated bibliography]

Mark Lause markalause at gmail.com
Thu Mar 12 08:29:09 MDT 2009

I think joining a vibrant state GP is a good idea.  And you can
certainly do a lot worse than the ISO.

I remain a member of a state party with a leadership that includes
open Democrats and long ago agreed upon an unofficial but clearly
stated policy to avoid allowing socialists of any sort into the party
and, when it can't prevent that, to keep socialists out of the
leadership bodies.  Still, it's the best alternative available for the

The national body, the GPUS is set up so as to encourage the worst of
these deformations.  It's structure and standards--like those of the
Obama administration--are such as to ensure deference to the most
conservative available impulses....   If years of persistent efforts
by the GDI failed to dent this at the national level, I wouldn't hold
my breath over its future...

Two observations on the healthier state parties....  First, those
impressive vote totals we get from time to time really are a serious
measure of alienation among voters, because an electorate that
generally usually knows nothing of the third party alternative.  For
this reason, it is essential that we address the second point as soon
as possible....

In 2000, Ohio got something like 100,000 votes.  The organization
built from that statewide barely fills the back meeting room of a
Columbus branch library.  I don't know how it is that anyone can
distill such a pathetic result, but that's the reality.  Rather like
trying to perc coffee and having all the water disappear on you....
If we can't find a way to translate impressive vote totals into an
organization, it'll be nothing more than a vehicle for protest voting.
 At this stage, we should be much more than that...


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