[Marxism] Hitchens reviews Wheen's bio of Karl Marx

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Lou's point is taken, but nevertheless this is an article well worth reading 
and not simply for the (possibly aprocryphal > store from Huy Weldon with 
which it begins), but also its recommendation of two books, namely

1.  Rudolph Bahro; The Alternative in Eastern Europe, a translatio of which 
by David Frnvach was published by New Left Review Editions in 1978 - my 
well-read copy was bought in April 1979, and has been read with much 
advantage, several times, the last only during last year.


2. Robert Tressall's Ragged Trousered Philanthropist - which gives the most 
lucid popular explanation of the extraction of surplus value to be found 
anywhere.  BBC Radio produced a  rather insipid 3-part dramatisation last 
year (or was it the year before), which MAY have encouraged some to read the 

I am quite surprised that the name hitchens in the URL did not lead me to 
just press the delete button, but I am glad I read it and found something to 
comment on......


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> http://www.theatlantic.com/doc/200904/hitchens-marx
> I suppose that this is appropriate given their shared appetite for
> imperialist intervention.
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