[Marxism] Hitchens reviews Wheen's bio of Karl Marx

Mark Lause markalause at gmail.com
Thu Mar 12 14:09:46 MDT 2009

I would certainly love to have heard that radio program about the
exiles in London.   Marx was one of thousands of Germans, French,
Poles, Italians, and others, whose presence reflected the entire
history of the continent.  I usually wind up wandering around
pleasantly lost in search of the Rose Street Club or some such....

Of all the various London walking tours available, one on Marx and his
contemporaries should be able to do very well.  There is such a tour
commercially offered, but it's not available very often.  I know the
SWPGB do such tours from time to time.  However, I'd suggest that the
renewed interest in old Karl and his Pals might well justify kicking
it up a notch.  It would be a very good fund-raiser, I suspect....


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