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An Invertebrate Left
Perry Anderson

The Italian left was once the largest and most impressive popular 
movement for social change in Western Europe. Comprising two mass 
parties, each with its own history and culture, and each committed not 
to ameliorating but to overcoming capitalism, the postwar alliance 
between Socialists and Communists, the PSI and PCI, did not survive the 
boom of the 1950s.

Richard Gott: In Memory of Cornelius Cardew

What do we remember about Cornelius Cardew? That he was a brilliant 
avant-garde composer who pioneered free improvisation and led a Scratch 
Orchestra of musicians and artists; that he wrote a polemical tract 
alleging that Stockhausen ‘serves imperialism’; and that, after spending 
a decade as a prominent Maoist, he was killed by a hit-and-run driver, 
in an apparent accident that conspiracy theorists have liked to construe 
as the work of the intelligence services. 

Hal Foster: The Situationist Moment

Inspired provocateurs during May 1968 in Paris, the Situationists are 
now the stuff of legend: one of those rare avant-gardes whose art and 
politics were not only radical but also forged together in radical 
fashion. Yet, as these early letters of the young Guy Debord, the leader 
of the group, make clear, they were the stuff of legend from the start. 

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