[Marxism] The Prophet Misarmed: Trotsky, Ecology and Sustainability

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Here I go, arguing with anyone.

 What's wrong with eugenics?  In a word, everything.  It is without 
scientific basis.  For one.  It is historically an ideological weapon, a 
pseudo-science, used against poor, working class, and people of colonized 
areas.  It has no scientific basis.  Did I already say that?  Not sorry, it 
requires repeating.  There is no scientific evidence, no molecular basis, 
for  "improving" the human species as a viable biological and social 
organism by selective breeding.  As a matter of fact the historical weight 
of evolution argues for just the latter-- that variety, that "unselective 
reproduction" is what works best in biological adaptation.

Eugenics is not gene therapy, or repairing damaged genetic structures-- it 
is nothing but an attempt at pre-culling the "herd."  The herd in this case 
being poor people, and in particular, poor women.

Selective breeding certainly works for commercial improvements-- and that is 
really at the heart of eugenics.  Commerce.

["Commerce is our product.  More human than human our motto," says Eldon 
Tyrell about the production of Nexus 6 replicants in Blade Runner].

I would recommend for perhaps the 100th time that people read the Legacy of 
Malthus, by A. Chase, to get a grip on just how unscientific, how 
reactionary, eugenics is.

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