[Marxism] The Prophet Misarmed: Trotsky, Ecology and Sustainability

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Fri Mar 13 11:03:28 MDT 2009

I agree with Artesian. Any piece of racist pseudoscience which purports to thrust eugenics into the scientific limelight does not even deserve comment. 

It should be ignored. 

In fact there is much in the so-called western tradition which deserves to be ignored in light of present day dystopian reality, and sterile debates over some towering intellectual forefathers and what advice they have to offer the left in the face of global warming and other western-generated ecological catastrophes is really a waste of time. Its really just so much authoritarian symbolic genuflection.  

Greg McDonald

I get about as much done toward solving these problems by listening to my music as you guys do blathering on. Talk about global warming. Geez

Lots of hot air and not much else. 

Greg McDonald
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