[Marxism] The Prophet Misarmed: Trotsky, Ecology and Sustainability,

nada dwaltersMIA at gmail.com
Fri Mar 13 11:44:27 MDT 2009

Part of this response by LT to the Nazi's insane "Master Race" concept 
was in this essay Louis notes: "If America Should Go Communist".

This was a quite 'literary' essay, almost fantasy like in it's approach 
to "The Future". The essay is here:


This marks the first of several that reveal Trotsky's growing 
infatuation with the U.S. working class and the class struggle there. In 
some ways his predictions, made in this essay in August of 1934, bore 
some fruit as the UAW started conquering the State of Michigan and the 
rise of the CIO.

Eugenics, commented only in this essay (in two places), and while to my 
knowledge not commented on again, is part of this "Americanphilia" as 
this discussion proceeded from the previous decade in America's 
political and scientific journals of the period. It doesn't surprise me 
that LT footnoted this in his intellect to be commented on later.

Overall, Trotsky, like Lenin and most other socialists, viewed the 
unhindered human mind as something that would exceed even the most wild 
of scientific prognostications, under socialism. This included the 
freeing of the productive forces and the forces of science, technology 
and, of course, engineering. This dovetailed slightly with another 
strain of philosophical thought during this period, the advocates of 
"Technocracy", a right-wing, semi-corporatist perspective that view 
society as run by those with scientific merit, under capitalist class 
relations. Much science-fiction and even popular literary essays of the 
period, in looking beyond the Depression, reflected this.


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