[Marxism] Jon Stewart versus CNBC

John Thornton jthorn65 at sbcglobal.net
Fri Mar 13 16:01:57 MDT 2009

Dan Russell wrote:
> <While he is critical of
>> certain aspects of the system, and certain players within it, the
>> underlying message is never that the system as a whole is
>> fundamentally flawed, even when it seems it ought to be painfully
>> obvious to someone of his apparent intellect>
> I'm sure it is as painfully obvious to him as it is to Obama or any other
> intelligent, open-minded person, but for whatever reason they're unable or
> unwilling to accept that there might be an alternative. If Stewart ever did
> question capitalism, you can bet he wouldn't last much longer no matter what
> his ratings were.

Stewart is a socialist so I think he already imagines an alternative.
And his show is still just a comedy show.
It's easy to poke fun at individuals, that is what many comedians do and 
have done for some time.
It is less easy to be funny while promoting socialism and pointing out 
the damages done by capitalism.
That's hardly a knee slapping good time now is it?
I would suggest you simply enjoy his satire and don't expect him to 
start a revolution or even revolutionary thinking otherwise you'll be 

John Thornton

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