[Marxism] Newspapers and the Internet

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Sat Mar 14 16:47:10 MDT 2009

The big news today is that the Washington Post is dropping their 
business section. Meanwhile, there's been a ton of articles in the last 
week or so about newspapers going out of business. Some cities that have 
only one paper will have none in the future. Denver's Rocky Mountain 
News is an example. This paper which hounded Ward Churchill out of a job 
is now out of a business. Poetic justice.

Who knows what the future will have in store, but I guarantee you that 
the Internet will fill the vacuum. Here's an example of what a new 
information medium will look like. It is a comment by a Dutchman on the 
Cramer-Stewart controversy under a Washington Post article on the 
subject. I think the stupid Washington Post editorials can't hold a 
candle to this powerful commentary:

So, who's to blame for the financial mess we're in?

I am a Dutchman from Holland (Europe, not Amsterdam!) and i would like 
to react to you Americans about what we think in my country.

The people who are to blame in this crisis are the rating-agency;s who 
put the high ratings on those lousy loanings. I still cannot believe 
that the ones who are responsible for this are not arrested nor 
prosecuted. In Europe we have sooo much damage because of this cheat and 
the Americans lost their credits in being a proper state to do business 

Why are the ones who are responsible for those ratings still not 
arrested?? How can we ever go on in business between our continents if 
the Americans do not feel that they are guilty in this case??

Of course also our bankers are guilty by being so dumb to buy it, but 
they trusted on your financial system that a high rating means a good 
product to buy as investors.

Why the americans don't show the world that they found the causers from 
this crisis and prosecute them like you did with Madoff?

This crisis is about trust, the trust has been broken on the most worse 
level so for the future i would at least expect that you show the world 
who did it and then the next step is acknowledge that it will never ever 
happen again. The european union is breaking in parts these days and 
that;s all because some bankers/rating-ppl were so selfish to cheat the 
whole world.

I lost big money on this crisis, it would be fair if the american 
government pays off my losses. Just like our bank (ING) will guarantee 
the saving-money on all their accounts. The dutch citizens all are 
responsible for this bank in case it will fall down.

I just hope that the USA will make this mistake right with the whole 
world, if not then i think i will never ever buy an american product no 

Let me know what you think please, if this reaction is in the wrong 
forum then please move it to the right forum and let me know where you 
put it.

Kind regards,

Erik the flying Dutchman.
Posted by erikdigitaal

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