[Marxism] Glenn Greenwald on Cramer-Stewart

Kai killakai at gmail.com
Sun Mar 15 09:32:40 MDT 2009

this is a great piece of writing here. Here is a snippet:

That's the heart of the (completely justifiable) attack on Cramer and CNBC
by Stewart.  They would continuously put scheming CEOs on their shows,
conduct completely uncritical "interviews" and allow them to spout wholesale
falsehoods.  And now that they're being called upon to explain why they did
this, their excuse is:  *Well, we were lied to.  What could we have done?*
And the obvious answer, which Stewart repeatedly expressed, is that people
who claim to be "reporters" are obligated not only to provide a forum for
powerful people to make claims, but also to *then investigate those claims
and then to inform the public if the claims are true.  *That's about as
basic as it gets.**

but he doesn't stop there, he takes these same criticisms and applies them
to the mainstream media in general and how they perpetually do not do their
jobs usisng the runup to the Iraq war as a case in point. Not only do they
not do their jobs, but they make the same lame excuses that Cramer made: how
could I have known they were lying? As if it took more than critical inquiry
and fact-checking to figure it out.

The mainstrem media have been derelict in their duties. No, they have
completely removed some key tenets of journalism off of their job
descriptions. In any event this piece is well-written and researched and i
suggest you all check it out. And watch all of the clips with Stewart and
Cramer. They are entertaining, but are also good examples of how TV
journalism ought to look far more often than  it does.

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