[Marxism] Query on CPUSA policy change on homosexuality

nada dwaltersMIA at gmail.com
Sun Mar 15 09:50:22 MDT 2009

 Good luck with documentation on this question. I doubt it exists. When 
I was active in the P&F in the early 1980s, they still had a negative 
attitude toward homosexuality and members were still subject to 
expulsion. We used to "go after" the CP for this ignorant position of 
theres. But...individual members would tell us openly (as in private) 
that they disagreed. By the late 1980s there was a low key discussion, 
on going, on a variety of issues including gay liberation. Many of the 
people that split/expelled from the CP to form the Committees of 
Correspondence (Gus Newport, Angela Davis, etc) were instrumental in 
changing the CP's positions prior to the split. The CP did not go 
backward after the CofC formed and continued to discuss these issues, as 
some young CPers who I worked with on the MIA told me.

David W.

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