[Marxism] As long as the British remain there will be some kind of IRA

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Mon Mar 16 01:18:56 MDT 2009

And as long as there is no mass base to support them they have no hope  of
winning. Their violence can only cause a return of loyalist  paramilitary
troops and British soldiers
There was no mass support for the 1916 Easter Rising, and in fact those  that 
took part and surrendered were openly abused and spat on by Dubliners as  
they were being led off to jail by the British. Four years later a popular  
insurrection had spread throughout Ireland which brought the British to the  
negotiating table and led to the formation of the Republic.
As for their violence begetting more violence, don't you understand that  
this is exactly what they understand will happen themselves. Their actions are  
designed to produce a reaction that will result in a return to the war. Action  
can precede consciousness. 
Bhaskar writes:
I don't have much sympathy for these
groups or those that herald them  from the comfort of their own homes.
Undoubtedly there will be many though  that will continue to mourn martyrs
of a cause they know in their hearts is  absolutely futile and
My ire in such matters is directed at the root cause, namely imperialism  and 
colonialism. I've never encountered or studied myself any resistance  
movement that was clean and pure or that followed a clean and pure path. As  for 
heralding them, this is a Marxist discussion list. We're hopefully concerned  with 
discussion and analysing such events and those involved free of the crap  
that passes as news information and analysis in our respective countries. The  
article I posted was carried in The Observer, a well regarded Sunday newspaper  
in the UK. In it a well known and longstanding member of the Republican 
movement  was interviewed over recent events, and I thought made some serious points 
about  the failings of the so-called peace process in Ireland. I would hope 
that people  would read his comments, as someone involved in the struggle his 
entire length,  who isn't an armchair revolutionary, and give them proper  

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