[Marxism] As long as the British remain there will be some kindof IRA

Bhaskar Sunkara bhaskar.sunkara at gmail.com
Mon Mar 16 10:50:31 MDT 2009

Leon Trotsky:
'If it is enough to arm oneself with a pistol in order to achieve one's
goal, why the efforts of the class struggle?... If it makes sense to terrify
highly placed personages with the roar of explosions, where is the need for
a party? Why meetings, mass agitation and elections?... Individual terror is
inadmissible precisely because *it* *belittles the role of the masses in
their own consciousness*, reconciles them to their own powerlessness, and
turns their eyes and hopes toward a great avenger and liberator who someday
will come and accomplish his mission.'

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