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Mon Mar 16 16:39:17 MDT 2009

These are initial points in a recent article:

Armed action in Ireland
Sinn Fein's Michael Collins moment

There has been a unlted response by all the Irish and British 
political parties to the killing of British soldiers in Antrim and the 
later killing of a policeman in Craigavon. They all say that:

Republican militarists have nothing to offer.

The militarists have no support

The political process in the North of Ireland is secure.

Only one of these assertions is true.

It is true that the militarists offer absolutely no way forward for 
Irish workers. It is not true to assert that they have no support nor 
that the political process is secure. In fact, it is precisely because 
the political settlement is failing that the militarists are gaining in 

Further details at: http://socialistdemocracy.blogspot.com/

John Mc Anulty

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