[Marxism] Margaret Randall on FMLN victory in El Salvador

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Mon Mar 16 22:43:23 MDT 2009

(Thanks to Karen Lee Wald for sharing this.)

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Sent: Monday, March 16, 2009 6:16 AM
Subject: FLMN Wins in El Salvador!

Dearest Friends:

Louis Head, at the University of New Mexico, sent me Roque's poem in Spanish
this morning, and I made this English version as a little tribute to him on
this day, almost 35 years after his death, when the FLMN won the presidency
in El Salvador. My confident spirit is soaring. My wary spirit hopes the
rebel administration will know how to run a country and not sink into the
sort of greed and corruption the pseudo-Sandinistas have inflicted upon
Nicaragua. Anyway, this is a new day in Central America! Love, Margaret.

Life and Its Work

A necessary part of life

new life wakes me: a tiny sun

with roots I must water daily

encouraging them

to plan their own attack upon discord.

Poor little bread of solidarity,

banner against the cold, fresh water for all the blood:

a mothering that must not vacate

the heart.

And against melancholy, confidence. Against despair,

my people's life

waving hands in the windows of this secret house.





work of liberators and martyrs:

our obligations now.

They are among us, counting our steps

from breakfast to sleep,

stealth to stealth,

action to action,

life to life.

-Roque Dalton (English version by Margaret Randall) 

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