[Marxism] STOP THE EVICTIONS - the source of profits now are disposable trash

MARGARET WYLES kaliyuga at wildblue.net
Tue Mar 17 07:45:27 MDT 2009

> MSNBC videographers recently followed the police in various cities as they
> evicted some of these families. It's sad to watch it but it is a view of
> the
> often concealed tragedy being inflicted upon our people, and should be
> watched. This tragedy is the responsibility of an economic system that sees
> human beings as little more than cogs in its productive machinery,
> consumers
> of its products, the source of its profits and, when their usefulness ends,
> as disposable trash.
Thanks so much for this and you are spot on with your assessment and
agree that it's important, although painful, for people to watch.  I
believe that the Sheriff of Detroit has refused to do any more
foreclosures.  He has cited uncertainty in the chain of title as the
cause, but more likely it's that it's just too darned hard to throw
people out of their houses.   The irony is that the banks will not
recover much, if anything, from these foreclosures, as inventories
mount and home values continue to spiral downward.  I've heard that
the average home price in Detroit is now $7,500.

It's abundantly clear from the video as well, how state power acts in
the interest of finance, and not the people.


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