[Marxism] The IRA and armed struggle

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Tue Mar 17 08:10:07 MDT 2009

JMP wrote:


>So, 'analyses of social forces' contain no element of 

>personal morality, nicht war? I bet those pizza-delivery 

>guys are just so relieved that they've got a world-class 

>Marxist scholar like you to explain why the oppression of 

>Irish working classes in the six counties makes it alright 

>to shoot them...


I will make this easy for you. If you want or expect unequivocal
condemnation of the RIRA because the pizza guys got shot 
then you will be profoundly disappointed by this list. Many will
denounce Irish nationalists for any number of reasons but 
usually not from a position of "personal morality." 

Do you believe that the personal morality of dissident Republicans
makes them criminals and thugs? If so, is this because they remain 
committed to armed struggle or purely because people got shot who 
were not in the British army. As I remember "Vom Krieg," war is the 
continuation of politics by other means. Is it the politics or the 
continuation that you are so upset by?

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