[Marxism] U.S.: "Our fingers were crossed on Palestine aid"

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Tue Mar 17 11:55:22 MDT 2009

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When the U.S. "pledged" $900 million for Palestine (of which from the start not one penny was going to be allowed to be spent on Gaza reconstruction, notwithstanding that the destruction of Gaza was accomplished with U.S. weapons), I wrote:

    We underscore that word "pledging," and remind readers that 50% of people in the United States who "pledge" their eternal loyalty in marriage end up divorced, indicating the tenuous reality of that word.

Well, I don't want to claim prescience (oh hell, why not?), but here's the news today:

    Some $900 million pledged by the United States to the Palestinians will be withdrawn if the expected Palestinian Authority coalition government between Fatah and Hamas does not recognize Israel's right to exist, Western and Israeli diplomats said Wednesday.

    During her visit to the region last week Secretary of State Hillary Clinton warned Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas against forming a coalition with Hamas that will not meet the expectations of the Quartet.

    Clinton told Abbas that Congress will not approve funding of a Palestinian government that does not recognize Israel's right to exist and renounce violence.

Requiring Israel to recognize Palestine's "right to exist" and renounce violence as a condition for its $3 billion/year in aid? I must have missed that part in Clinton's speech.

What this is really about, by the way, isn't aid at all. It's the U.S.' way of once again interfering in the internal political affairs of the Palestinian people, blackmailing Fatah in order to prevent any coalition government with Hamas.

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