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Michael Friedman lycophidion at gmail.com
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> Fred's discourse is right on target. And the plan IS simple. Here in Boston
> the FMLN base committee is very clear that the rich must also share in
> responsibility for the misery of the pueblo. They will be TAXED, no doubt
> for the first time in many cases.  Capital flight is of course a concern and
> I think this fear is what lies behind much of Funes' moderate message. Of
> course Funes is a moderate, and there is no point ignoring that fact.
> Jobs need to be created and capital will be an important part of that. In a
> country where unemployment is very high, workers who do have jobs only make
> $6 a day, while the rural proletariat receives $3 a day.  And these
> starvation wages exist in the context of a dollarized economy where basic
> subsistence is more costly than in the USA.

El Salvador has an extremely small and porous economy, even more so than
Nicaragua. Thus, El Salvador is even more dependent on what happens in the
rest of Latin America. For ES, integration with other Venezuela and other
Latin American economies is crucial, particularly in a climate of economic

> Now that Funes has won the committee here is quite clear on the need to
> unify and rally behind the new leadership. People are VERY optimistic that
> this will happen. At the same time there is a generous amount of political
> will flowing from the top to embrace all sectors of Salvadoran society
> willing to engage in the process of reconstruction. All the diverse sectors
> and tendencies will be respected. I think we will see a mosaic of
> unification based on the common project of reconstructing a country torn
> asunder by years of war and plunder. This does not mean everyone has to
> agree with every dotted i and crossed t coming out of the mouth of the new
> president.

 I wouldn't count on this "political will flowing from the top," if what you
mean by top is the oligarchy, i.e., the ruling class cum wholly-owned
subsidiaries of U.S. capital. What they see as reconstruction is
diametrically opposed to what working people see as reconstruction. Their
vision of "reconstruction" is colored by Miami malls and mansions, as may be
seen over the past twenty years in Managua.

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