[Marxism] The IRA and armed struggle

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Tue Mar 17 12:39:30 MDT 2009

CRP wrote:
>A friend of mine (Pete) told me some interesting stuff
>about his two tours of Northern Ireland with 4/5 Commando,
>particularly that despite all the fierce, hate-ridden
>rhetoric, it was remarkable how civil and efficient the
>various factions on both sides were, amongst thesmelves
>and across the religious divide, when it came to dividing
>up cities for 'protection' purposes, and who would control
>the supply of which drugs where...

Did Pete also tell you about the Unionist paramilitaries
dealing drugs, shaking down business for protection money,
and murdering Republicans on whom the SAS (among others)
was providing detailed intelligence? Tis a pity
if he didn't but then Her majesty's forces had an entirely
different attitude toward that expression of Irish criminality.
Perhaps Pete was one of those stalwart defenders of empre
who like to parade around o the base with his mates wearing the
orange sash and carrying the red hand of Ulster bigotry,
just for fun. Then again I don't know Pete.

The American Army in Vietnam used to disparage NVA
soldiers by claiming that they were all drug addcts
which explained their unbelivable courage. It was a curious
bit of projection for an Army consuming the amount of drugs
that it was. It would be far easier to dispense with the
whole troublesome history of Irish resistance to
Mother England if the nationalist were merely criminals
using radical rhetoric as a cover. Are they? Were Bobby Sands
amd the other hunger strikers really planning a bank
robbery when they starved themselves to death? Were the volunters
who stopped the mobs from buring homes, schools and churches i
in the shankhill really trying to find a liquor store to rob?

I have no dount that the Provos are smuggling cigarettes
amd gasoline across the free state border and since their
huge losses in sub prime morgages, they have probobly
stepped this up. I have no dount that various criminals at
various tims have told peole they were acting for this or that
armed group. What's more I know that within any army there
are criminals.

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