[Marxism] Notes on an Orientation to the Obama Presidency

S. Artesian sartesian at earthlink.net
Tue Mar 17 15:22:18 MDT 2009

So let's see, the antidote to confusion and disorientation is for "us"-- the 
"left,"  "Marxists" to engage in supporting Obama's 2 main tasks--  
stabilizing US capitalism, and salvaging the US reputation in the world, so 
that the US might.... US might exactly do what?  Bomb a country or two other 
than Iraq with impunity?  Get the UN to takeover suppression of popular 
revolution along the lines of what it has done for the US in 
Haiti....Revitalize lending policies that enhance asset liquidation?

Yeah, that's going to clear up a lot of confusion and disorientation. 
Absolutely.  And when the Obama's auto company bailout leads to reductions 
in benefits, wages, employment, we should, in the interests of clarity and 
proper orientation, support that also.

What a load of crap.

Tell me,  does chanting "Obama!  Obama! Obama!" lead to mental clarity and 
peace-- kind of like the mantra of "Om"-- a meaningless phrase that when 
repeated consistently by the user brings about a state of bliss?

Fucking A, if only we can get enough endorphins going we can get rid of this 
confusing, disorienting notion of class struggle.

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