[Marxism] Iran war drums are rolling again --1

nada dwaltersMIA at gmail.com
Tue Mar 17 16:23:35 MDT 2009

Fred Feldman wrote:
 > (This is Louis Proyect's classless interpretation of capitalist Iran's
 > "safety net," which is actually a gain of the revolution which has 
not been
 > lost, and which we -- well, not Louis, of course -- should be as ready to
 > defend as we are of social security and related gains here, They are not
 > fundamentally different in their class roots in Iran than in the US, even
 > though the Iranian regime is religious.

And, of course, this has zero to do with the US aggression against Iran. 
Hell, Iraq had a complete modern working social welfare system far 
better than the "gains" the Iranian Revolution when US imperialism was 
using Iraq wage war against the Iranian Revolution. What a totally 
irrelevant point Fred makes here.


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