[Marxism] Notes on an Orientation to the Obama Presidency

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The reference is to a post by Charles Brown, the author of this post on 
"correct orientation," which was on either the Marxism-Thaxis list, or 
Huato's-- "Please Mr. Obama, go after the criminals who perpetrated 9/11, 
but don't increase or continue the war in Afghanistan"-- Marxist-Debate 
[sic!} list.   At one of those 2 locations, Charles ended his pro-Obama post 
by typing, Obama! Obama! Obama!-- so I included that bit as a sort of 
personal question for Charles.

As for the article itself-- no, it doesn't say that-- it says we should use 
the "democratic opening" to-- form alliances with "broader progressive and 
centrist" forces, i.e. the DEMOCRATIC PARTY; and that means "we," meaning 
the non-dogmatic left not marooned on the beach of actual class analysis, 
must "consolidate the electoral alliance"  that made the opening possible, 
i.e unite with the democratic Democrats who support Obama.  Around what?  On 
the basis of what?  Well the article never says what's what, now does it? 
So with its hats off to Obama for his great work, his intelligence and 
panache stabilizing capitalism-- and isn't that working well?-- clearly the 
basis for unity should be that salvaging of capitalism.

 Those parts  I put in quotes you should be able to find in the article 
itself.  If you can't, I'll send them to you.

So... all this is the same old, same old, worn out, tired,  CP garbage, the 
old "progressive" people everywhere crapola-- and since I also believe that 
condensation of content is a critical task for us Marxists stranded on dogma 
beach [if the water's warm, and there's sunshine, wine, and women, I don't 
mind by the way], I thought I'd just bring it all home with those three 
little words that set so many hearts aflutter, so many little feet dancing 
on air--

"Obama, Obama, Obama."

Frame-up, fabrication, my ass.

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