[Marxism] U.S.: "Our fingers were crossed on Palestine aid"

Shane Mage shmage at pipeline.com
Tue Mar 17 20:28:34 MDT 2009

On Mar 17, 2009, at 6:49 PM, nada wrote:

> Shane wrote:
> The Palestinian Unity Government would issue this declaration--
> --We recognize the right of Israel to exist within its internationally
> recognized boundaries**
> conformably to international law and all applicable UN resolutions.
> --We renounce violence as specified in the UN Charter but retain the
> right, specified in
> that charter, of armed self-defense against foreign incursion,
> attack, or occupation.
> --We adhere to all Israel/Palestine agreements in the firm expectation
> that Israel will
> immediately undo all its past violations of those agreements.
> =====
> Comment:
> Shane, this is the liberal Zionist perspective. It addresses *nothing*
> as to the root causes of the violence and disenfranchisement of the
> Palestinian majority. I am curious as to whose side you are on here.

It is, of course, also the core of the Saudi peace plan, of the  
position of the Palestinian prisoners led by Marwan Barghouti, and is  
the only possible path to an independent Palestine in the world as it  
exists.  The other side is that of Netanyahu/Lieberman.  Are you for a  
Third Camp? Or 1967-type rejectionism?

Shane Mage

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