[Marxism] A promising interview with El Sal. pres-elect Funes

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Wed Mar 18 10:00:26 MDT 2009

President Funes wrote:
> The message that I would like to send to President Obama is that I will not
> seek alliances or accords with other heads of state from the southern part
> of the continent who will jeopardize my relationship with the government of
> the United States. 


> We can't get mixed up in repealing CAFTA...nor can we reverse dollarization,
> because that would send a negative message to foreign investors, and then
> we'd be facing serious problems because we wouldn't have enough investment
> to stimulate the national economy. 

Double echhh.

> To the degree that we do our part, which is to rebuild our productive
> capacity and to create a coherent social policy that improves the quality of
> life, there will be fewer reasons to leave for the US and we'll reduce
> migration flows. And that should be a concern for the US. 

This is ridiculous. You can't refuse to "send a negative message to 
foreign investors" and expect emigration to the US to slow down.

> Now, what we're going to do is put the government and the structure of the
> state at the service of the Salvadoran people--the totality of the
> Salvadoran people--but fundamentally, of that great majority who are
> oppressed and excluded from the country's social and economic development.
> [The people who for] not just the last twenty years but for last 200 years
> or more have not had the possibility of participating in the formation of
> public policies. 

How can you do this and not repeal CAFTA?

1. After two years of CAFTA, El Salvador has not developed new 
agricultural exports, nor has employment increased, nor has migration 
decreased, particularly in the rural population.

2. The United States is selling huge quantities of agricultural products 
and inputs in spite of which the price of food has shot up and has 
affected the population’s consumer capacity.

full: http://www.cispes.org/documents/DR-CAFTA_Effects_and_Alternatives.pdf

I should also mention that Stan Greenberg's consulting firm that took 
credit for getting Funes elected was the same outfit that advised 
Gonzalo Sánchez de Lozada Sánchez Bustamante in Bolivia. I strongly 
advise "Our Brand is Crisis", the documentary based on Greenberg and 
Carville's work with the dreadful "Goni", that I reviewed here:


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