[Marxism] A promising interview with El Sal. pres-elect Funes

Michael Friedman mikedf at amnh.org
Wed Mar 18 14:34:37 MDT 2009

I think Funes is promising in the sense that Ortega was promising. The big
difference was that Ortega used much rhetoric, but had pretty much
abandoned any revolutionary principles, in practice, in the 90s. On the
other hand, beyond his LACK of revolutionary rhetoric, Funes is an
unknown. What makes them both promising is the historic, revolutionary
trajectories of their organizations (as attenuated as the FSLN's has
become), popular expectations and mobilization with regard to those
trajectories, and the Latin American context. I wouldn't trust Ortega as
far as I can throw him, as I've said before, but the fact is that Ortega
has delivered on at least SOME goods, even if only in a partisan way.
Which in the context of Nicaraguan neoliberal impoverishment, is
something. "Promising" doesn't mean "realized" or "the final product": it
merely means potentiality.

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>     Greg wrote:
>         "What did you expect? A public declaration of a move to become
> the second Cuba of the americas?"
> Greg,
>   I doubt anyone expected this. All of us were responding to Fred's
> rather glib comment introducing the interview with the adjective
> "promising". We're all trying to figure out what's so "promising".
> David
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