[Marxism] A promising interview with El Sal. pres-elect Funes

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David wrote:

But Greg actually wrote "I agree it doesn't sound too promising...". Hmmm....anyway...I don't think there is anyone who didn't smile when the heard the "FMLN" party won the elections there. I'm glad. But I reject there is anything particularly that Funes stated in his interview that really points to a revolutionary transformation or even radical reforms which is the only way I can interpret the term "promising" on a list dedicated to Marxism.Since he *pledged* to maintain the status quo, that the ARENA lost is probably the only good thing that came out of this. The fact that Funes will be a good guy, and a democrat, is all fine, but everything he would like to do, stated or unstated, is subordinated to CAFTA and maintaining capitalism and thus the conditions of the people of El Salvador will, likely, continue to decline. So there is little to "promise" to the people that elected him. There will be no "national liberation" under the FMLN, unfortunately, and despite it's name
Ok then. What I should have written is I agree Funes' interview may not sound promising, but wait and see and don't condemn the guy or the party behind him just on the basis of one interview. You think the hard core of the FMLN is any less displeased you are sadly mistaken. They voted for him and decided to give him a chance. And there's always the VP looking over his shoulder. Don't forget that.     

Funes is definitely trying to attract international investment to create jobs. No doubt about it. Far be it for me to create false hope, but I imagine you will also see a mandatory rise in the minimum wage to match subsistence needs. Currently at $6 a day you have starvation wages. That cannot be allowed to continue. Funes will try to raise employment levels and consumption levels to create a viable internal market. Given the high rate of unemployment what choice does he have? That's an honest question BTW. 

Greg McD
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