[Marxism] Will socialists support socialists in Queensland state election?

n.fredman.11 at scu.edu.au n.fredman.11 at scu.edu.au
Wed Mar 18 18:26:49 MDT 2009

Michael Schembri wants to give us a few "reminders" about Socialist Alliance, in the form of the avowed reasons why three individuals resigned the organisation sveral years ago. 

Thanks Michael. I could show in detail the disingenuousness and errors in these parting shots, but like the insightful UK comedian Catherine Tate, am I bovvered? 

I'll just point out once again that the case I know most about, that of Michael Thompson, shows particular bad faith. He made no effort, anytime, at all, to put his alleged concerns and differences in writing in the various forums available before resigning (I've pointed this out several times in various forums and no-one has been able to answer the point). Of course nothing to do with his subsequent uncritical stance towards the National Tertiary Education Union leadership and rise through the ranks of the union. 

The SA NTEU caucus incidently continued to be a sizable, effective and comradely instrument for a couple more years until the unprincipled split of the ISO, which was a blow to the work of socialists in this union, apart from anything else.

But much more to the immediate point, who would you actually vote for and advocate others to vote for in you were in Queensland, and why?

Non-Australians would probably not be aware that the Queensland Greens are the most right-wing branch in the country, and also extremely unlikely to gain any state representation in the forseeable future, under a single chamber single candidate per local electorate system (not sure but I presume there's preferential voting which means a socialist vote can effectively go to re-electing Labor). They're also relatively quite small, according to the Ratbag barely 650 members, compared with Socialist Alliance's 120 or so. 

That's not to say at all that joint work wherever possible or active support for Queensland Greens' electoral campaigns should be ruled out for socialists. But if someone is running whose positions you most agree with, you should have a pretty good reason for not at least formally supporting their campaign, however modest. If, Michael, you're putting a campaign including Sam Watson, even if you apparently disagree with some positions and practices of the organisation involved, on the same level as the ravings of the Socialist Equality Party, then sad to say you are being absurdly sectarian. 

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