[Marxism] SEIU and California Nurses: Interesting move, any comments?

Charlie charles1848 at sbcglobal.net
Thu Mar 19 10:55:28 MDT 2009

 From a blog that dogs SEIU's trusteeship of California healthcare workers:
SEIU and CNA have come to some sort of a truce, the main point of which 
is that CNA get to be the national RN union. SEIU also agree to give 
CNA's healthcare plan some limited support, and CNA agree to stop 
raiding SEIU.

It's got to sting, but it makes sense. You have to have a friend, even 
if they said mean things about you yesterday, and you know they're just 
using you. But after years of violent opposition, it'll be interesting 
to see how this actually pans out. Old habits die hard - CNA like to 
speak their minds, and Andy must already have the sweet smell of new 
members in his nostrils. Perez bets he's just like a vampire struggling 
to pretend he's human long enough to lure CNA to a dark place!

There's plenty of history and tension between staff and members too - 
we'll leave Alex "Krooked" Espinoza's comments out of this, but Perez 
did hear that SEIU 121RN members aren't too thrilled about the trade, 
and are (in the words of one staffer) "flipping out". Kirk Adams sounded 
pretty cautious introducing the deal to International healthcare 
division staff too. He's probably wondering how they feel about being 
pushed into physical confrontations with CNA staff and told Rose Ann 
DeMoro was the devil, now it seems it's all so easy for the bosses to 
work it out.

Oh, and while SEIU will doubtless make a big deal of the clause that 
stops CNA from giving money or staff to help NUHW, there's of course 
nothing in there that can stop the real workplace solidarity between 
nurses and other healthcare workers that's helping NUHW activists build 
their union, and kick SEIU out!

Posted by Perez Stern at 12:18 AM


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