[Marxism] San Francisco Anarchist Statement Supporting Attack on Revolutionary Communist Party at Book Fair

David Thorstad binesi at gvtel.com
Thu Mar 19 11:24:49 MDT 2009

This is outrageous. Pseudoanarchist bullshit, for sure. The e-mail 
address is for the anarchist news service that publicized this statement.
   I never thought I'd feel support for RCP, but the anarchist assault 
on its freedom of speech, as well as the pathetic attempt at justifying 
it, are repugnant. Why don't these anarchists fight ideas with ideas? 
The RCP's predecessor group, the Revolutionary Union, took the most 
retrograde position against homosexuality and gay lib, and in New York 
RU people at least once physically attacked gay activists while I was 
living there, but the BB! police action is reprehensible. A few years 
ago, the RCP made a (halfhearted and inadequate) self-criticism of its 
previous hostility to homosexuality. These days, the RCP's position on 
homosexuality and gay lib is pure liberalism, no different from that of 
the Demcorat Party or most other left groups, including the Communist 
Party, in its support for same-sex marriage and "GLBT" rights.
   The Minnesota IWW (pseudoanarchists) asked me a couple of years ago 
to remove them from my list because of my opposition to gay marriage.
   At one time, an anarchist member of Nambla undertook to deliver the 
group's publications to bookstores, but it turned out he was stealing 
the proceeds. His rationale was that as an anarchist who rejected 
authority he had a right to keep the money, apparently because all 
organizations are bad, even the one that had helped him when he and his 
boyfriend were arrested and manhandled by New York police.
   My late anarchist friend Daniel Guérin once told me that American 
anarchists generally had a primitive concept of anarchism. IT looks like 
he was right.


> From: <a-infos-en at ainfos.ca>
> Date: Mon, Mar 16, 2009 at 1:25 PM
>  Subject: (en) US, San Francisco: [Anarchist] BB! Statement of Support
> With RCP Eviction at Anarchist Book Fair
> To: en <a-infos-en at ainfos.ca>
> Yesterday, March 14th, the Revolutionary Communist Party (RCP) was
> forcibly evicted from
>  the San Francisco Anarchist Book Fair. Surprisingly some "Anarchists"
> have criticized the
> move and have even defended the Maoist's right to free speech. These
> Anarcho-Liberals have
> even gone as far as to suggest that throwing water on the RCP's
> literature is violence.
>  Soon after the incident, the RCP started a petition denouncing their
> eviction. Dozens of
> so-called "Anarchists" signed the petition. ---- These Bash Back!ers
> think the petition is
> a fantastic idea, and we want to thank those who signed the petition
> of a historically
>  heterosexist organization. Now we know whose side you all are really on.
> Until 2003 the Revolutionary Communist Party held the position that
> Homosexuality was a
> product of Capitalism. Lesbians, they claimed, were a reaction the the
> sexist society that
>  Capitalism created. Gay men were a reflection of patriarchy and the
> dominant bourgeois
> culture. After the Revolution queers would be eradicated.
> The RCP and other state communists are not allies of Queer people or
> Anarchists. While we
>  do admit there are bigger and better battles to fight, any space that
> is safe for the RCP
> is not safe for Queer people. Respect should not be shown to bigots
> masquerading as
> revolutionaries. They are our enemies, and should be treated as such.
> Freedom of speech is a liberal construct. Oppressors already have
> their stage. The
> oppressed must steal it from them.
> We want to thank those who evicted the RCP and destroyed their
> literature. We also want to
>  give a big Fuck You to everyone who signed that stupid fucking petition.
> Some Pissed Off Members of Multiple Bash Back!

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