[Marxism] Notes on an Orientation to the Obama Presidency

S. Artesian sartesian at earthlink.net
Thu Mar 19 11:54:06 MDT 2009

More sophistry from Charles, not unexpected to say the least.  Charles 
charges me with "dishonesty"  based on the fact that I add the word 
"correct" prior to "orientation," as if somehow that changes the content of 
the article, an article that vilifies those who  criticize, criticize, 
criticize Obama, who are left on dogma beach without a dinghy because they 
won't get on the USS HOPE &CHANGE; an article that calls explicitly for a 
stronger alliance with "broad progressive and centrist forces"-- so somehow 
naming those things that the author advocates and criticizes as the author's 
"correct orientation" instead of orientation is distortion? dishonest?   As 
I said before, what a load of crapola.

Yes indeed,  Charles chanted Obama, Obama, Obama when Obama announced the 
extension of UE benefits, and the tax exemption-- but then Charles has been 
chanting, Obama, Obama, Obama, since before the election, and certainly with 
more vigor since the election.

I'm not sorry to say, I don't think chanting Obama 3 times, unlike clicking 
the heels of the ruby slippers, can get us home from faux-emerald city in 
this land of ODDZ to good old what's the matter with Kansas.  And I don't 
think all this baloney about extending UE benefits is going to do a thing to 
improve the condition of the working class, as a whole-- which is what, as 
Marxists, we are supposed to be concerned with-- with industrial output and 
jobs shrinking at rates greater than any seen in 70 years.

Chanting Obama, and clicking one's heels, like the "correct" orientation 
toward Obama as advocated explicitly in the "tasks" section of the article, 
does less than zero to clarify the issues, eliminate the confusion and the 
disorienation of the left, which is what that author proclaims to do. 
Actually all that the author has offered is the recycling of the same old 
crapola from the CP scrapbook, you know the one, where all the little CPers 
are lined up with a caption under the photo "least likely to succeed."

As for Charles' blatherings about Osama and 9/11-- right mass murderers, 
sure, I'm going to endorse that, along with Colin Powell, and Dick Cheney 
and Robert Gates, and yeah Obama, Obama, Obama, too, so that the US 
government knows it can count on me to endorse its policies of hunting down 
these mass murderers, no matter how many masses it must murder in the 
process.  Just show me where to sign my name for that one, too.  Sure, 
right-- let's bring Osama to the Hague.   But only after Charle's signs on 
for bringing Obama, Obama, Obama,  to the Hague for continuing the wars in 
Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Iraq.

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