[Marxism] "anarchists" and RCP

nada dwaltersMIA at gmail.com
Thu Mar 19 13:46:06 MDT 2009

The origin of the hostility by Anarchists toward the RCP is about 15 to 
20 years old. It is not without foundation and has little to do with the 
RCP/RU's position on gay rights. In the early 1990s, maybe even the late 
1980s the RCP's then existing youth organization, the "Revolutionary 
Communist Youth Brigades" were sent in to various anarchist groups to 
try to "capture" the growing number of youth attracted to the 
revolutionary nature of anarchism. They did this "semi-openly", dawning 
the then punkish/goth/red-and-black motif of many anarchist youth. They 
were *exposed* and, after a time, driven out of that movement, I believe 
losing more than the came in with.


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