[Marxism] A promising interview with El Sal. pres-elect Funes

Joaquin Bustelo jbustelo at gmail.com
Thu Mar 19 15:15:10 MDT 2009

S. Artesian quoth: "I expected nothing, which is why I don't regard the
election as some big significant move to the left.

"The question is, why do others think the election itself was such a
'promising' event?  And why do other others who considered the election
itself promising, now feel disappointed in the interview-- if any of those
other others are on the list."

The election wasn't JUST a "promising" event but a here-and-now victory.
ARENA is --well, WAS-- one of the most entrenched, if not THE most
entrenched reactionary, shamelessly and openly pro-imperialist parties in
this hemisphere. The defeat of ARENA by a candidate who says an extreme,
radical change in the course of public policy is needed.

I doubt very much any experienced comrades who considered the election
"promising" also classified Funes's post-election statements as

For the time being, we're going to stand by the guy -- not necessarily as
the second coming, the be all and end all of Salvadoran politics, but as a
major, indeed historic step forward. Which doesn't mean in the future he
won't disappoint, but does express a high degree of confidence that even if
he disappoints going forward, it will not annul the ground already gained. 


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