[Marxism] A promising interview with El Sal. pres-elect Funes

S. Artesian sartesian at earthlink.net
Thu Mar 19 15:29:39 MDT 2009

My take is a bit different.  My take is that something is going on in the 
economy, in the relations of classes that make it more difficult for 
capitalism to maintain itself through ARENA than through FMLN,--TEMPORARILY.

Yes, indeed this election might be "symptomatic" of an underlying, and 
significant movement "to the left."  [I believe we no longer have to qualify 
quotation marks, right?]. But the real prospect and strength for the future 
resides in that movement which is going on outside the electoral process, 
outside the FMLN, and sooner or later, is going to run into conflict with 
the FMLN's own limitations, as the FMLN is incapable of that thing that is 
most important in this thing called struggle-- expropriation of private 

Doesn't mean I'm arguing from the overthrow of Funes.  Doesn't mean I 
consider him or the FLMN to be "betraying" the workers and poor-- does mean 
the significance is not in the election per se, or in Funes commitment to 
"the nation," but in the developing class struggle.

Kind of like your formulation though-- the more I hate him, the more I like 
him. Hey, I feel the same way, sometimes.  And even about myself.  What was 
it Smokey sang, back in the day, the days of Mickey's Monkey, What's So Good 
About Good-bye?-- yeah,  "You Really Got A Hold On Me."

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