[Marxism] A major diplomatic victory for Cuba: The U.S. stands alone

Joaquin Bustelo jbustelo at gmail.com
Thu Mar 19 17:51:40 MDT 2009

	I know that he's supposedly a dirty mangy running-dog of yanqui
imperialism, but my favorite reformist traitor of the week, Mauricio Funes
who just got hisself elected president of El Salvador, in between his
professions of friendship for the U.S. in general, and of love for
capitalist exploiters in particular, just dealt a real BLOW to American
imperialism in the real world.

	Funes announced, I'm not sure if yesterday or the day before
(actually from the dispatches I saw, I think it was in an interview done
Tuesday that didn't come out until Wednesday) that when he takes office in
June OF COURSE El Salvador is going to re-establish full diplomatic
relations with Cuba. 

	Like, duh ... This facilitates trade, and, as Adam Smith says, trade
between different countries is a win-win situation. [SMILE, and wait for the
flashes from the still photo cameras to subside before continuing.]

	But as it turns out, this would have left Costa Rica, headed by
Nobel prize peacenik Oscar Arias, like Daniel Ortega in neighboring
Nicaragua president in the 1980's and now once again, the sole Latin
American country WITHOUT diplomatic relations with the "communist regime."
[No need to specify which one, as far as I'm concerned, there is only one.]

	Now, there is a history to this. Way back a quarter century ago,
before the blonde-haired blue-eyed devils of Sweden or Norway or whoever it
is that awards peace prizes in the name of the inventor of dynamite, before
Arias became Saint Oscar the Good, when he was pushing for any sort of
rotten compromise that might bring to an end the civil wars in Nicaragua and
Honduras and Guatemala and El Salvador with --perhaps-- a beneficent
influence in the raging civil war in Colombia and the unacknowledged civil
war in Mexico, there was one question that would drive Saint Oscar up the
effing wall and back down again at press conferences, and which one of us
miscreants from the international press corps would never fail to ask.

	Namely and to wit: "Mr. President, how can you claim to be an honest
broker that all sides can rely on in these conflicts when your government
won't even send an ambassador to Cuba, which everyone recognizes is an
important player in this situation?"

	Don Oscar, known for his usually cool demeanor, Kennedy-esque charm
and disarming "oh gosh, golly gee dashburn" smile would go absolutely
BALLISTIC and start fuming about how Fidel was a Pinochet of the left, and
so on. I think to myself, I must have heard him say that hundreds of times
in those years, live or on TV, but in reality it probably would have only
have been a few times, or at most a dozen or two.

	So it was no small satisfaction to see a Teletica newscast today and
hear Don Oscar The Good saying it's been a long time since the 1960's and we
must adjust to changing times. Costa Rica will (finally, after 40-some
years!) recognize the Cuban government and exchange ambassadors.

	The REAL reason didn't come out until the Q&A with reporters at his
press conference, when he finally said that right now, only El Salvador and
Costa Rica didn't recognize Cuba in the Western Hemisphere -- quickly
correcting himself to say, in Latin America, and again going into the spiel
about how he had *agonized* over it but decided this was the right thing to

	Because, of course, Funes had ALREADY said he'd recognize Cuba as
soon as he took office -- and without any soul searching, just a glance at a
map. That would have left Don Oscar the Good exposed as the American stooge
he has always been, the faithful lapdog resting on his haunches, tongue out,
front paws up but pointing down in a submissive gesture, just like the dog
that used to grace RCA records over the legend "His Master's Voice." 

	So Saint Oscar the Good rushed off to recognize Cuba with a
presidential decree. I mean, who would have thunk it? As it turns out,
there's an island called Cuba, it is a country, and it has a government!

	Current Salvadoran president Saca, who is even more of a running dog
lackey of U.S. imperialism that Saint Oscar the Good, has not, as of the
last report, capitulated. EVEN IF it is a foregone conclusion that Funes is
going to look at a map and say Cuba really IS there when he takes over. As
far as Funes is concerned, he's going with national geographic world map,
instead of the one corrected by messrs. Eisenhower, Kennedy and Adlai
Stevenson -- but not so "President" Saca. 

	But be that as it may, come June, there is going to be exactly ONE
country in THIS hemisphere that REFUSES to recognize the reality of another
country and its government. That country will be the United States, and the
target of its blindness, as always, Cuba.

	Now, when Bush the Lesser used to be president, people tolerated it,
I mean, how much can you expect from a guy who couldn't even show up a few
Saturdays so he could dodge the draft that would've sent him to Vietnam? And
then there was the whole WMD thing, not to mention major combat operations
being over when they hadn't even BEGUN. 

	So Saint Oscar the Good decided to jump ship. So we can say
officially and for good: Latin America as a whole, each and every one of its
countries, has --FINALLY!!-- recognized that the Cuban revolutionary
government IS the legitimate government of Cuba.

	Now we just have to see how many MORE decades it will take for the
American imperialists to have such a close encounter with reality.


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