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Dear Nada,

As you may see, the perspective of CPI(ML) is also dwindling between a
'United Front' and 'Popular Front'. The article of CPI(ML) which you had
referred in response to my article on formation of 'Third Front' in India,
talks about the 'peoples' and not working class. This conciliatory politics,
in the name of peoples instead of working class, is bound to result, sooner
than later, in accomodation with capitalist parties. Our concept is clear.
The United Front of working class parties and trade unions. Those who
want to expand it to embrace the non-working class parties and organisations
in the name of 'people' distract towards the same politics o CPI &

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> And here is the response by the the Communist Party of India
> (Marxist-Leninist):
> http://www.marxmail.org/msg58961.html
> David
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