[Marxism] India: On the issue of Third Front,

nada dwaltersMIA at gmail.com
Thu Mar 19 21:01:36 MDT 2009

I posted the CP (M-L) Liberation position because it simply gave a very 
interesting counter-point of view to the *CPI/CPI-M*, not really your 
own blog. I haven't a clue who you represent or what you stand for, 
really. Thus it to respond what the CP (M-L) *doesn't* stand for is 
hardly the point, it's their analysis of the CPI/CPI-M/Congress front 
that I find interesting.

Secondly, while the CP (M-L) is, as you state, maybe, with regards to 
"peoples" vs "working class" (and what about the 1 billion peasants, 
might I ask?) it clearly has played a critical role to the left of the 
the two 'official' CPs who run several states in India.


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