[Marxism] Will socialists support socialists in Queensland state election?

nada dwaltersMIA at gmail.com
Thu Mar 19 21:18:46 MDT 2009

"Profanity of the 12 Colonies on Battlestar Gallactica. What do I win, 
Nerd of the Year?"

Something like that, but more importantly it's one of the best televised 
shows around so you get a good taste award as well, if you actually 
watch it. Of course you probably, or may of, just looked that up instead 
of *knowing it* :). It's about as good as Babylon 5 which still holds 
top honors at least among sci-fi shows.

Thanks for clearly that up. It started VERY cryptically which is why my 
comment was meant to elicit some clarity. Which you provided. So thanks.


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